Nephotonics Overview


Nephotonics Information Techology (Hefei)Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of 3D TOF chips and vision solutions. It was established in 2016, headquartered in Hefei, and has established R&D centers in Shenzhen,Shanghai and Oregon, USA. The company's core technology covers I-TOF and D-TOF. Since its establishment,Nephotonics is  aiming at market demand and committed to route of the independent research and development. The whole process from the underlying chip design, process process to upper-level algorithm, product integration, etc. has its own independent Intellectual property rights, and launched a variety of 1D TOF micro-sensors and TOF chip products, including the first 1D TOF sensor in China. At the same time, Nephotonic Information Technology has published more than 50 papers related to 3D vision systems, and obtained more than 20 invention patents, several software copyrights and exclusive rights to layout design of integrated circuits.

Nephotonics Information Technology cooperates with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to jointly create more accurate 3D solutions that meet the needs of the industry.

Company Positioning


Core Technology

Taking I-TOF and D-TOF sensor chips as the core technology

Based On The Chip

For mobile phones, develop world-class TOF chips for domestic mobile phone manufacturers

Integrated Development

Provide turnkey solutions from chips to 3D systems for consumer, automotive, security and industrial fields

Company Vision

To be the world's leading 3D technology company

Honor And Intellectual Property
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